5 Reasons Why I Love Photography

Hiking Experiences

This is my story about how I got into photography. My passion started about 3 years ago when I became an avid hiker. Having moved to a new area where I hardly knew anyone, I needed a new hobby to keep me busy, maybe even meeting new people on my adventures. Photography gave me a way to capture the amazing moments from my hikes and encouraged me to visit more places I hadn’t been to before.

Fast forward three years and I’ve captured lots of amazing images from stunning places such as Snowdonia, The Lake District, and Peak District, just to mention a few. I take my camera on almost every walk, hoping to capture the perfect shot. My favourite time to take photos is at ‘Blue Hour’ because you get a nice blue, cool tone throughout the landscape and for cityscapes it creates a great balanced exposure.

When I’m not taking photos, I enjoy watching interesting and useful photography tutorials to help me improve my skills. I feel this is important as I always strive to improve my photography skills and capture even better photos. As this is a hobby for me, I thoroughly enjoy learning new techniques and picking up new tips from other experienced photographers.

Peel Tower Snowy
Let it snow

So why do I love photography?

  1. Photography allows me to express my creative side. This is very different to my job as an Electrical Engineer. With photography, I am able to take my camera to new places and capture unique shots which gives me a ‘buzz’. Also, I’m able to experiment with new techniques.
  2. Secondly, it’s good for my mental health and wellbeing. As we all know, exercise is important for all of us and this is my way of getting out of the house. Photography gives me something else to focus on and is my way of relaxing after a long week. It may not be for everyone, but this works for me.
  3. I become more appreciative of the moment. By this I mean I’m able to look back on the photos I’ve taken and appreciate the places I’ve been to and the views I’ve been lucky eneough to experience. Photography really allows you to immerse yourself in the moment and mood at the time.
  4. Photography allows me to tell stories through photos. I am able to show people the places I have been to. A well taken photo can describe the exact moment without having to with words.
  5. Lastly, photography allows me to document my life and some of the best moments in it. If people appreciate my photos and hard work, of course that is a bonus, but I primarily do this for myself.

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When Patience Pays Off

Hiking Experiences

During the summer months, I was eager to get out in the mountains between lockdown restrictions and poor weather. After reading between the lines with the mountain weather forecast, it looked like there would be a small window of opportunity in the early hours of this particular morning which offered clear skies.

Starting out at Beddgelert and ascending the Watkin path, my destination was the amazing viewpoint between Snowdon and Y Lliwedd, which offers perhaps the best view in Wales, which looks out across the beautiful Llyn Llydaw. During the ascent I was greeted by numerous shooting stars that ripped through the dark skies of Snowdonia putting on such a spectacular show in the clear skies that were indeed forecast.

Halfway up the Watkin path and the intended ridge I was aiming for in sight, I caught a glimpse of 4 headtorches making their way across the ridge towards Snowdon summit. Despite being in the middle of nowhere and halfway up a mountain, I found it highly amusing that all I could hear was “watermelon sugar” being played loudly from a portable stereo. As I made my final push for the ridgeline, I was swamped by a bank of low cloud and the landscape quickly disappeared before me.

Watkin Path Route
Sun rising above Llyn Llydaw

After reaching my destination I sat for nearly an hour in low cloud with no view and contemplating calling it a day. There were signs the cloud was trying to break, teasing as I got glimpses of what I had come to see. I had been in this situation many times before and still never got the view, but for some reason on this morning I was convinced I would. At this point sunrise had passed and still nothing.

Just as I was starting to get my stuff together and packing my bag, the ground right before me lit up in a soft golden glow. As I stood there, the clouds began to part and I was eventually greeted with the view that can be seen in the image. When you have made the midnight drive and the climb by headtorch, it really is worth sticking it out because you just never know what might happen. One thing was for certain, nothing was wiping the smile off my face on the drive back home.

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